Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kite Hill Vegan Cheese

This decadent looking thing is 100% world class vegan Brie Cheese!

Now, over the years I've tried a hell of a lot vegan cheese. Honestly most of it has been total crap but I have to say things are starting to look up!

This beauty is from Kite Hill. I know, I know, you Mainlanders have had it at Whole Foods for awhile now but it FINALLY show up on Maui! OMG seriously?! How did they do this? I'm mean the rind? WTF? Exactly the same as the real deal! The texture? Pretty damn close. The flavor? Spot on!

It must be full of crazy processed crap then? 

Nope! Almond milk, salt, enzymes, cultures. That's it!
MOM! No more excuses!!!


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