Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Farmer's Markets

{ Jabuticaba }

We're starting to shift into spring and I'm finding all sorts of new exotics at my favorite farmer's markets on island. Lately, besides my normal haul, I've been picking up Jabuticaba, Mamey Sapote, Chocolate Sapote, and Chico Sapodillas. 
Ever heard of Jabuticaba? They are originally from Brazil and taste a lot like a grape. If fact, they even make wine with this juicy fruit down in South America. The Jabuticaba fruit actually grows on the truck of the tree instead of the tree's branches. Check it out HERE. So cool!
Chocolate Sapote ( green fruit pictured below ) is always a rare treat and I always grab few whenever I see them. They don't have a strong chocolate flavor nor are they exceptionally sweet but I love the dark pudding like texture when they are very ripe. I also love my chicos ( looks like a kiwi, below ). They always taste like brown sugar to me. Lastly, I don't see Mamey Sapote often on Maui but apparently they grow quite well over on the Big Island. They taste a bit like pumpkin and sweet potato. They make a great raw vegan pie by the way...

{ Mamey + Chico Sapodillas + Chocolate Sapote }


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