Sunday, February 22, 2015

Voggy Days...

It's been a month full of VOG on Maui. Don't know what VOG is?
 Lucky you.
VOG is a form of volcanic air pollution. It occurs when sulfur dioxide is spewed from Kilauea on the Big Island and then mixes with oxygen and moisture. 
VOG effing sucks. I can literally tell when it rolls in overnight like the fog does in northern California. Suddenly, I can't breath, my head hurts, I get tired, my eyes swell and itch... It's one of those things the travel guides don't tell you about. 
Over the years I've learned to deal with the VOG. On a positive note, it makes for spectacular sunsets, and epic glassy beach days. Lately when the winds turn south, I've been heading up to Ironwood Beach in Kapalua. On a normal day, this beach gets sand blasted from our roaring tradewinds. However, when the Kona winds blow, a Tahiti like lagoon appears. The water at Ironwood Beach on a voggy afternoon is absolutely beautiful. Just try not to focus on the gray haze on the horizon.

Bikini// by Acacia

Carlos heading out for a free dive.

Me watching him go.

This guy. Not a care in the world.


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