Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just Married


2015 has proven to be pretty eventful so far! After more than 8 years together Carlos and I finally decided to tie the knot. 

Our engagement only lasted 3 weeks. We mutually decided to get married over some green juice one morning on a short trip to Hana late January. We eventually told our families and a couple of really close friends and had a quick, no frills ceremony on a lava outcropping about a mile from our home with 4 friends in attendance. Our wedding night consisted of a late dinner at my favorite restaurant, Nuka in Haiku and a one night stay at the Paia Inn in Paia. We were back to work 2 days later...

We couldn't be happier and this is exactly the sort of wedding I always wanted! No stress, no expectations, just us making a real lifelong commitment to each other.

 That being said, we are planning a honeymoon in Bali! But most likely, not until the Spring of 2016. Details on that later...

Linen Shirt// Tommy Bahama
Flowers// Napili Florist

Much love and Aloha