Friday, May 31, 2013

The Fruit of Summer

{ Ice Cream Beans, Lychee, Chico Sapodillas, Rainbow Papaya, Cherimoya and Apple Bananas }
Love love love this time of year on Maui because all these fantastic exotic fruits start popping up all over the farmers markets!
{ Amazing "pudding like" Chocolate Sapote! }
{ About 30 lbs of ripe mangoes harvested from a local tree! }

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo Journal: Tahiti part 2

{ Motu off the Intercontinental Resort }
{ Opunahu Bay }
{ hand dyed pareau }
{ The Sofitel }
{ Mango, Pineapple juice with Tahitian Vanilla }
{ Carlos doing a surf check at Haapiti }
{ fairy castle like mountains in Moorea's hinderland }
{ Jelly made with Tiare ( gardenia ) flowers }
{ Moorea Pineapple patch }
{ Pineapple and Coconut Sorbet }
{ late afternoon, Haapiti }
{ Childern waiting for the last ferry back to Tahiti Island }
{ 6pm ferry crossing the Sea of Moons }
Photo Journal: Tahiti to be continued...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photo Journal: Tahiti Part 1

I've been very fortunate to have been able to travel to the islands of French Polynesia twice now in my 30s. I can't even begin to explain what this means to me. Getting to know the South Pacific and her islands is all I've ever really wanted in life. Growing up in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area all I ever dreamed about was living and visiting little tropical islands in far away places. My bedrooms walls were not covered with images of pop stars like my friends but instead with magazine cut outs of Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, Samoa, the Cook Islands etc. And as soon as I could, I left California for good, moved to Maui, and slowly started checking these remote places off my list.
I'm not done of course. This is obviously just the beginning. We are already considering a quick, week long trip back to Tahiti next year as well as a longer vacation in the not too distant future to Indonesia. There's a voice in me that keeps saying, "Shouldn't you start settling down for good? Ya, know...get married, buy a place, pay a maintenance fee, have a baby, you're pushing forty for god's sake, blah blah blah."
Let me introduce you to Moorea...
{ Les Tipaniers, great lunch spot }
{ baguettes, baguettes, baguettes }
{ Robert Wan Pearls and Tiare }
{ classic OWB }
{ French Polynesian happy hour, macaroons and Chablis }
{ Carlos et le chat }
{ our home for 2 weeks, Hotel Hibiscus }
{ laundry }
{ Carlos's favorite lunch spot. }
{ the landlord of Snack Mahana }
{ Poisson Cru, The national dish of French Polynesia }
{ smart doggie }
Tahiti Photo Journal to be continued...