Friday, March 22, 2013

Working Out, Island Style

I have recently done a complete overhaul over the last several months regarding my workout routine. As you may recall the gym I belonged to for 12 years burned down to the ground last September. Thanks to this ( and my lack of suitable workout facilities on west Maui ) I was forced to rethink my frequent, weekly sessions on the eliptical machine.
I used the gym as a "filler", some place to go when the surf was flat ( or the wind was up! ) It was also an outlet for when I had an hour to kill or just felt like zoning out in front of CNN ( because I don't watch T.V. at home ).
At first I thought, "no biggie", I'll just stick to the ocean for my cardio but after a couple of weeks I started to tweek out. I needed another outlet so I finally invested in some "good" running shoes and hit the pavement for some 30 minute, 3 mile runs, 3-4 times a week.
BUT then "winter" hit...
Okay, okay I know....winter on Maui is about what you think it would be, warm, mostly sunny and pretty much well, perfect.  However we get our rain ( rainbows!) we get our massive wind storms ( 40-60 mph this year! ) and we also get our famous world class "there's no way in hell I'm paddling out there" surf for days even weeks on end! A few weeks ago I tried going for a run in one of these "wind" storms and had to turn around after 10 minutes thanks to falling coconuts and mangoes ( no joke! ) on the lower Honoapiilani! Seriously, dangerous stuff!!
 So now what?! Well....I finally decided to join a yoga studio.
I now try to go to yoga 1 to 2 days a week. Even if the weather is nice. One of my favorite things to do now is take an early vinyasa class and then go paddling or surfing immeditely afterwards. This is just awesome. Why I didn't start doing this years ago I'll never know?!
Anyway, so my favorite thing to do after a yoga/paddle/surf session is go to "Choice" in Lahaina and get their massive "O.G. Acai Bowl". I love Acai bowls and make them frequently at home but sometimes it's just nice to not have to clean the vitamixer. "Choice", also caters to the raw and vegan crowd and offers tons of smoothies, fresh juices, and elixirs as well as daily raw vegan specials, vegan "plate lunches" and fantastic soups!
{"The O.G." - double Acai, banana, apple juice, + fresh bananas and honey}
{ fresh Upcountry Protea flowers at "Choice" }
{ Eco-friendly beverage bottles and the Maui Time }
Check out "Choice" in Lahaina HERE

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