Monday, February 18, 2013

Vegan Boursin Cheese

{ vegan Boursin cheese, Olowalu tomatoes and organic wheat bread }
Dairy-Free Diet Update!
It's a rare day when I come across a recipe that is "life changing". Vegan Pho and my vegan Chocolate Shake are a couple of them but nothing, absolutely nothing has come close to this recipe HERE for Vegan Boursin Style Cheese.
I've tried A LOT of dairy-free cheese products and nothing has come close to the real thing until I found this. I swear to you it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between this decadent vegan cheesy-like spread and it's addictive dairy twin.
{ Wow.....I really might be able to do this now. Amazing! } 
Just a quick note: This is not a raw vegan recipe because this creamy spread contains tofu and "Earth Balance". If you are avoiding soy, then this "cheese" is unfortunately not for you. I think the use of silken tofu in this recipe is key and probably should not be tampered with. I also seasoned my "cheese" with fresh garlic, cracked pepper and fresh chives/Italian parsley from our garden. Looking forward to trying other flavor combos soon! 

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