Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baldwin Ave

Baldwin Ave connects my two favorite shopping destinations on Maui, Paia and Makawao. The northshore views aren't too shabby either. With the cool tradewinds blowing, I can easily waste hours cruising this curvy upcountry road. I did just that yesterday afternoon...
{ Buddha outside of The Mercantile in Makawao. Great shop. }
 { Eclectic Wings of Hawaii and Cafe Moana in Paia. }
{ Find healthy vegan Vietnamese cuisine at Fresh Mint in Paia. }
{ Maui Beach Sheets outside of Maui Girl in Paia }
{ Lots of coffee shops on the northshore...}
{ Makawao }
{ Pretty succulents outside of Pink by Nature in Makawao. }
{ Succulents in Wings of Hawaii }
{ Bamboo grows everywhere in Makawao. }
{ New bikinis at Maui Girl in Paia. }
{ Dragon's Den-Chinese and Western herb shop in Makawao }
{ meditation garden in Makawao }
{ Our state's flower floating in a Balinese bowl outside of Holiday and Co. }

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