Monday, February 18, 2013

Vegan Boursin Cheese

{ vegan Boursin cheese, Olowalu tomatoes and organic wheat bread }
Dairy-Free Diet Update!
It's a rare day when I come across a recipe that is "life changing". Vegan Pho and my vegan Chocolate Shake are a couple of them but nothing, absolutely nothing has come close to this recipe HERE for Vegan Boursin Style Cheese.
I've tried A LOT of dairy-free cheese products and nothing has come close to the real thing until I found this. I swear to you it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between this decadent vegan cheesy-like spread and it's addictive dairy twin.
{ Wow.....I really might be able to do this now. Amazing! } 
Just a quick note: This is not a raw vegan recipe because this creamy spread contains tofu and "Earth Balance". If you are avoiding soy, then this "cheese" is unfortunately not for you. I think the use of silken tofu in this recipe is key and probably should not be tampered with. I also seasoned my "cheese" with fresh garlic, cracked pepper and fresh chives/Italian parsley from our garden. Looking forward to trying other flavor combos soon! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Layering Necklace

Tourmaline and Gold necklace by Jasmine Honey. Made on Maui.
Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baldwin Ave

Baldwin Ave connects my two favorite shopping destinations on Maui, Paia and Makawao. The northshore views aren't too shabby either. With the cool tradewinds blowing, I can easily waste hours cruising this curvy upcountry road. I did just that yesterday afternoon...
{ Buddha outside of The Mercantile in Makawao. Great shop. }
 { Eclectic Wings of Hawaii and Cafe Moana in Paia. }
{ Find healthy vegan Vietnamese cuisine at Fresh Mint in Paia. }
{ Maui Beach Sheets outside of Maui Girl in Paia }
{ Lots of coffee shops on the northshore...}
{ Makawao }
{ Pretty succulents outside of Pink by Nature in Makawao. }
{ Succulents in Wings of Hawaii }
{ Bamboo grows everywhere in Makawao. }
{ New bikinis at Maui Girl in Paia. }
{ Dragon's Den-Chinese and Western herb shop in Makawao }
{ meditation garden in Makawao }
{ Our state's flower floating in a Balinese bowl outside of Holiday and Co. }

Friday, February 8, 2013

I Want

{ Want the bag, dress, necklace, everything...}
{ Cajun Margaritas from this blog HERE. Wow! }
{ just a plain simple tote for the beach/farmer's market }
{ some beautiful and bright ikat for the bedroom }
{ Maybe some work ties for Taj? Just thinking out loud...}

Friday, February 1, 2013

Maui Beach Sheets

I love this. It's 56" x 72" and made of heavy but soft cotton.
I've been staring at these "beach sheets" for years as I walk past Maui Girl in Paia and this afternoon on a Mana Foods run, I finally decided to grab one.
This is perfect for the beach ( already tested it out!) when I want something to lay on besides my small bulky towel. I'm thinking it will travel well ( for Tahiti? ) or it could double as a table cloth or even a throw for the bed?
Artist Jody Baldwin makes these fantastic "Maui Beach Sheets" in several different colors and patterns. You can find them at Maui Girl on the northshore or this website HERE