Monday, January 7, 2013

R.I.P Dairy

{ Surfing Goat Quark Cheese with Kiawe Honey and Poi Bread at the old Hotel Hana Maui }
I love dairy. Like, really really love it. Especially in the form of cheese. Swoon.
But dairy and I have a very unhealthy relationship. We've broken up several times over the course of many years but the breakups never last long.

So instead of my usual list of several New Years Resolutions I'm going to focus on just one in 2013....finally ending my roller coaster relationship with all dairy products.

Why? Because dairy makes me feel like shit. Seriously. Everytime I eat a substantial quantity of it I pay for it for hours. Sometimes even a whole day. Obviously my body is trying to tell me something. Why I keep eating it? I just don't know....And don't get me started on all the issues I have with the dairy industry in general. Yep, it's really time to stop the madness.

So does this make this 20 + year vegetarian a vegan? Well, no... not exactly. I'm not a huge egg eater as it is ( when I think about what an egg actually is it kind of makes sick ) but I'm not ready to focus on eliminating anything and everything that might contain an egg product. Usually if I consume a product that contains eggs it's because it was baked into it ( pasta noodles, cake, etc.). I have major issues with the egg and poultry industry as well but baby steps. Carlos and I recently discovered beautiful, organic, free range, pastel colored eggs produced by happy chickens living in Maui's Upcountry at our favorite farmers market. I have not eaten any of them ( yet ) but Carlos loves them. At the moment I'm okay with spending my money on eggs like these.

 Honey? Well, I really don't have any issues with honey so that will count me out as a vegan whether I give up eggs or not. I'm not that worried about labels but I do understand that some people get sensitive if you call yourself a vegan but you continue to eat these sort of things. I understand I guess...Kind of like fish eaters that call themselves vegetarians. Fish have feelings too.

So, It's been exactly a week since I've given up dairy and I feel sooooooooo much better. Seriously, I really really do. But, I'm not going to lie. We dined out a couple of times this week and it was really hard because I love goat cheese on my salad or feta on my mezze platter. I found that if I stick to Asian food when dining out going dairy-less gets a whole lot easier. Good thing I live in Hawaii where Asian food is everywhere and wonderful!

Well, there you have it. My big big challenge in 2013. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to avoid all the fantastic French food when I go down to Tahiti in a couple of months. The abundant flatbreads, chocolate croissants, and French cheeses are to die for down there.
Ugh...Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

Happy New Year and ALOHA!


  1. Good for you...i could never give up cheese...never. I have to avoid most other dairy though. Ever since going vegan for all of college - my body hates all other dairy. I had cream cheese today and paid for it all day today.. Learned my lesson for sure, but for some reason tiny bits of Parm or cheddar is fine. Go figure!

    Happy New Year from one island gal to another!!

  2. Good luck, I'm not sure I can give up dairy but I know I ought to cut back. I'll be interested in hearing how you substitute for it!