Wednesday, January 30, 2013


{ vegan toast with mashed avo, Hamakua tomatoes, red onions, cilantro and lime }
So sorry for the long pause but it looks like I might have finally fixed the issues I was having with Blogger! For weeks I have been unable to upload photos or even type a word that didn't pause to "save" like every 3 letters! On top of this, I came down with a massive cold that has completely disrupted my life since mid-January! Ugh!
However, I am still dairy-free and I am looking forward to going on my first run in weeks today! Also clear sunny weather has returned to Maui AND my 49ners are in the Superbowl this weekend! So Stoked!
 Now I all I need is my new Acacia bikini to arrive via "slow boat" and the surf to come back!

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  1. Great idea to use avocado instead of butter. YUM. I'm glad you figured out the blogger issue!!!!!!!