Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Hawaiian Garden

{ Maui Gold Pineapple }
My garden is changing once again. Come November I notice the pepper plants starting to lose their leaves, the once aggressive mint and basil starting to look "weedy", and the lush tomato plants start to die. Yes, even in Hawaii the edible garden has it's life cycle.
This is the time of year our mixed greens start to fill out and our Italian parsley practically turns into a hedge. Our beloved Kaffir Lime tree is also sprouting new fragrant leaves and our new Key Lime and Meyer Lemon trees seem to grow inches every week. Guess it's time to buy some Rainbow Chard and Bok Choy shoots soon. 
Here's a few shots of what's still hanging around...
{ Some Lilikoi clippings that Carlos is propagating in Mason jars. }
{ Our quickly growing "Sunrise Payapa" and some Hawaiian Chili peppers in the background. }
{ Key Lime }
{ Serranos }
{ Italian Parsley for white bean hummus and sauteed mushrooms. }
{ The remaining Thai Basil. }
{ Jars of local seashells and sea glass everywhere. }

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