Tuesday, September 4, 2012


If it seems like I've been missing a lot lately, you're right.
You see, I seem to have gotten thrown off my game these last couple of weeks.
Here's my short list of recent excuses.
1. I'm working A LOT. Just trying to make the most of summer while everyone is still here. Oh such is life on a tourist driven island.
2. The surf is, well..... not so great. Or should I just say it's flat, like a lake. Lake Pacific. I'm totally not kidding. It's been like this for weeks!
3. Tonsillitis. Awesome. I get it often but this time it's a scorcher. Enter: Azithromycin. I hate you. HATE YOU!!!!
4. My kitchen is being completely remodeled. Don't get me wrong... we are so excited!! However as a result I have not gone produce/grocery shopping for awhile and all the contents of my pantry and cabinets are in boxes surrounding the living room. I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic and cluttered. Ugh.
5. It's hot. AND sticky. It's late summer though.... I'm sure everyones feeling the same at this stage in the game. But hot and sticky feels extra hot and sticky when you have a scorching case of tonsillitis. No fun.
6. And last but not least... my gym that I've gone to for 12 years just burned down. Seriously, like to the ground. So horrible!! Luckily nobody was hurt but Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I want to cry. Anyway, so sorry for the owner. Hopefully it gets put back together soon. There's not many other options near by. Maui News story HERE 
So on to a more positive note.  I was trying to get out of my funk and eat something different today ( besides my 8th can of Amy's soup in a week) so I dug out my Yonanas Machine ( best thing ever ) from under a pile of kitchen linens and decided to make something cold for my very sore throat.
All I used to make this yummy sundae pictured above was frozen bananas. I then topped it with a homemade chocolate sauce ( raw cacao, raw agave, vanilla, salt ) and sprinkles. YES SPRINKLES!!! One of the many finds after cleaning out our pantry last week! Made my day!
Hopefully things will return to normal very soon. Until then, Aloha!

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