Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Star Fruit Season

Life is slowly but surely getting back to normal out here! Kitchen is almost done ( cabinets are in and new big fridge is arriving next week! ), I'm almost done with my second round of antibiotics ( so my tonsils ), and the first small signs of our winter surf season is starting to roll in! I'm so ready to get back to "normal" very soon!
So, back to the point of this post.....
Late summer/early fall brings a whole new crop of exotic fruits to Hawaii. Like I mentioned before, I've been existing on Amy's Soup, take-out and bread over the last month and I'm DYING to get back to the farmer's markets to see what's blooming! So in the the meantime, my sweet friend brought me a huge bag of the largest Star fruit ( Carambola ) I have ever seen!! These are from her back yard in Napili. So amazing!
I have so many of these I'm thinking of juicing some. Anyone ever try that??
And check out my homegrown pineapple! I'm so proud! How will I ever eat this thing?
Love Love Love!
Be back soon....

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  1. Hi Amanda! Just want to add...we've been putting whole starfruit into the vitamix for smoothies and its AMAZING. Perfect amount of sweet in a spinach/coco water drink instead of having to buy apples...
    On another note - were you able to stop into the I LOVE HANA jewelry and craft store on your last visit??