Thursday, August 23, 2012


{View from a friend's Lahaina home.}
I don't use my iPhone camera very often these days. I'm actually still living in the dark ages and have the same G3 that came out years ago.  Needless to say the camera on it is not the greatest so I prefer my even older Nikon D50. However yesterday I finally decided to clear out and download the random iPhone pics I'd been taking over the summer. Many times I just don't have my big and heavy Nikon on me and sometimes Maui is just to pretty to ignore.....
{A pot of succulents that I'm still kicking myself for not buying up in Kula.}
{Mala's Tofu Chinese Salad on random afternoon lunch date with Carlos.}
{Calm Honolua Bay on a hot summer afternoon.}
{My favorite Greek Salad from Lahaina Coolers after a surf session with Carlos.}
{The north corner of Napili Bay.}
{beach gear}
{Burrata and Cherry Toast for lunch at Honu in Lahaina.}
{View of the West Maui mountains also taken from out friends Lahaina home.}
 ALOHA from Maui

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  1. GORGEOUS! You're right - sometimes it is so much easier to just tote your phone along than the big camera. I've been doing more resto reviews and it's been great because at least I know I'm always ready when I have my phone there!