Monday, July 9, 2012

Wonton Ravioli

{ Pumpkin Ravioli topped with good olive oil, pecorino romano cheese, pepper and Cyprus Salt }

I'm totally obsessed with these paper thin wonton wrappers I found at Times Market in Honokowai. They defrost almost instantly at room temperature and make an incredible vehicle for just about any filling you can think of.
This picture above are a simple pumpkin ravioli made of pureed pumpkin, fresh chopped sage, fresh grated nutmeg, the Grains of Paradise cracked pepper, and Maldon salt. I literally whipped this together in minutes, placed about 2 tsp of filling on top of a defrosted wonton wrapper, wet the edges with water and then pressed another wonton on top. I boiled a pot of water and cooked these for about 3 minutes. I had several leftover uncooked raviolis so I decided to freeze them on a cookie sheet. Once frozen I put them in a Ziploc bag and placed them in the freezer for later use.

I'm going to try more ingredient combos in the near future. I'm thinking these sound like they would be yummy too...

goat cheese/lemon zest/thyme
sauteed chopped mushrooms/ricotta/Italian parsley
spinach/nutmeg/goat cheese
butternut squash/ricotta

See you soon!



  1. You have such great ideas I never think of!

  2. Janelle BroughtonJuly 14, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    I'm going to try making these Amanda! XO

  3. Hey Amanda, hope your good and well. I finally found some wonton wrappers so will try today. When you use the goats cheese do you just slice it up and place with other ingredients and sauté first or pop into wrappers raw? Sorry I have no idea! XO

  4. Hi Janelle :) I use fresh creamy goat cheese(chevre) and mix it up with frozen chopped spinach that I have defrosted. I then add some nutmeg, salt and pepper and mix the whole thing together ( I don't cook this mixture ahead of time ). I then place it in the wontons. Also, If you freeze some of the uncooked raviolis as leftovers you don't have to defrost them again before cooking them. Just pop them in the water frozen and add another minute or 2 to the cooking time. I hope this make sense....xo

    1. Thank you so much Amanda xo I love your blog, you have wonderful recipes. When will you be on tv!