Monday, July 23, 2012


As if you couldn't tell already from my recent posts, I've been on a bit of an exotic fruit kick these days.
Why now? Well, over the hot Hawaiian summer months I've found that I naturally gravitate to all things sweet and cold. In fact, some days I eat nothing but fruit, fruit based smoothies, fruity salads, fresh pressed juice, and cold gazpachos until dinner time.
So to keep things interesting, I started to sample some of the "stranger" looking fruits at our local farmer's markets and I've found some new favorites for like the soursop pictured above.

Soursops are native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and tropical South America. They are related to the delicious Chirimoya and are high in vitamin C. Soursops are creamy, tart and very sweet. I think they taste like a combination of bananas and pineapples.
When I purchased my soursop at Mana Foods in Paia it was still super firm. However, after a few days on my kitchen counter it softened to the touch ( like a ripe avocado ). I then sliced it in half, cut the flesh into bite size pieces, and scooped the fruit out with a spoon. It was decadent! Just be careful not to eat the large seeds!

I be back with more fruit soon!



  1. Wow it sounds amazing. I'm not sure I could find one here but I'll be on the lookout.

  2. Looks like a cherymoya/ custartd apple inside. But an extra large one!