Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yum! Longans are in season!!
Very similar to the lychee, longans have a firm shell that is easy to peel. Inside is a translucent fruit surrounding a large seed. Longans are milder than lychees, very sweet and very juicy. Again, like lychee, I like longans straight out of the fridge super chilled. So good!
 Apparently in Chinese herb therapy, longans are suppose to have a relaxation effect. I'm thinking I should keep some on hand at all times!
When I first discovered these at a farmers market in Hana years ago I was told they were called "Dragon's Eyes". I'm sure you can see why!

Be back soon!


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  1. These look yummy! I've tried and enjoyed lychees although I don't get to eat them often. Mandy Im so jealous, would love to live in Hawaii! I'll get there one day and will have to consult you on where exactly to visit :)