Sunday, June 3, 2012


I can never make a trip back home without a little detour to the Napa Valley. It's hard to imagine that once upon a time this area had very little interest to me. Then again, I did move away from California not long after the age of 21. Obviously big jammy reds were hardly a priority in those days. Oh things have changed!

{ Just. Stop. }

{ Sorry....but I just could not get over all the poppies in California. Non-tropical flowers are so much more interesting to me now that I don't live in a temperate climate anymore. }

{ My sister's " Free People" dress. Coordinated with the spring blooms. Planned or unplanned? Hmmm.}

{ We misplaced our men for a little bit while checking out the tasting room at Jessop's Cellars. We ended up finding them here. The only real bar in the area I guess? They were drinking whiskey. Ewww why?! }

{ Rose. Totally into these dry light pink wines these days....}

{ Burrata cheese and early spring ramps. The true reason I'm still a vegetarian instead of a vegan. }

{ massive cheesy salad }

{ Sister's gnocchi with brussel sprouts. }

{ Mom's pasta made with cacao nibs. Divine. }

{ My simple gnocchi with red sauce. }

{ My Brother-in-Law's "Duck 3 Ways"

{ Happy 70th birthday mom! }

{ with mom }

Now back home to Hawaii where I belong....



  1. Happy Birthday Mom! :-) Love Nappa and love your beautiful pictures! Oh..i finally bought a subscription w/BirchBox... Thanks for the heads Up!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. I love Napa. We ate at The French was awesome!

  3. Wow! Really?! Amazing!! How far in advance do you need reservations???