Monday, June 25, 2012

Mango Summer Rolls

I hope you like mangoes?
Because I literally have boxes of them ripening all over my lanai....

It's full blown mango season out here in Hawaii and I can't stop collecting this plentiful fruit whenever I get a chance. I've been chopping them, blending them, freezing them and putting them in just about everything these days. Check back for more recipes soon!

Mango Summer Rolls
-vegan or raw vegan-
You can make these with either the dried tapioca rice paper circles ( softened in hot water first ) or nori sheets for a colorful raw vegan roll.
 I used tapioca rice sheets, slices of mangoes, sliced sprouted organic firm tofu ( avocado would even be better but I was out ), mixed salad greens from my garden, Thai culantro from my garden ( sub with cilantro for "culantro" can be hard to find ) chopped Thai basil, chopped mint, chopped peanuts and sesame seeds.
I used a mixture of organic raw agave syrup, sambal, and chopped culantro as a dipping sauce. So yum!


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