Friday, June 1, 2012

Grilled Polenta with Red Sauce

Polenta has sort of been the grain of choice this week. I finally started making it by scratch instead of buying in a pre-made tube. Why have I not ever done this before?? It's seriously insanely easy to make!
The best part about this grain is when cooked up like a porridge it imparts a sort of "cheesy" taste. I've been doing my best to try and finally eliminate dairy from my diet and polenta has been helping in a huge way.

Grilled Polenta with Red Sauce
-vegan or vegetarian depending on choice of sauce-

4 cups vegetable broth
1 cup dried polenta grains
pinch of salt if needed
favorite red sauce
top with choices like hot chili flakes and pecorino romano cheese,and cracked black pepper
shallow glass baking dish ( 9" x 9" )

Boil veggie broth and add polenta. Reduce heat to medium and stir polenta while it absorbs liquid and thickens ( about 10-15 mins).  Remove from heat, taste and add salt if needed. Cover for 5-10 mins. Pour into glass baking dish, let cool at room temperature and then place in fridge. I usually do this for a few hours or even over night.
Once firm, cut polenta into 3"-4" squares or triangles and grill both sides on a grill pan. Top with heated red sauce and desired extras.
So easy!



  1. I cant wait to try this tomorrow!!!! Lunchtime special... YUM

    xoxo from Trinidad