Sunday, May 6, 2012

Danville, CA

I spent the majority of my childhood living the picturesque suburbs San Francisco's Bay Area. When I was 10 we moved to the town of Danville and I lived there until I left for San Diego to attend college. Like many teenagers I couldn't wait to graduate highschool so I could set out on own. I promised myself that once I had a choice I would no longer live in any place that required de-icing my windshield in the morning. So far I have made good on that promise.

However, 18 years later. I've grown to love my old hometown. I love the rolling hills covered in Oak trees, the foggy mornings, the deer grazing in yards on streets with names like Orange Blossom Way and Willow Dr, and I still love the light in my old bedroom in the late afternoon. I'm lucky to be able to go back to the house that I grew up in. I know so many people out there that can't do that.

But it's true when they say that you can never truly go back home. Danville has changed. Not for the bad, but it has changed. It's still beautiful, tony, and quaint. But most my friends are all gone, moved south or out of state. And as I drove through the quiet neighborhoods tucked in between the lush greenbelts, flashbacks of the old days crept in as I came across a familiar driveway to an old friend's home. It's hard not to feel nostalgic during moments like these. Even if I would never want to do it all over again I can still miss it.....

So here is a tiny glimpse into my old past.... small snapshots of my mother's pretty home, the beautiful produce at the Saturday Farmer's Market downtown, and the rainy streets of Danville Blvd.

{ Mom's Meyer lemon tree }

{ Japanese Maple }

{ The Basil Leaf Cafe }

{ Amber Bistro }

Next Stop: Florida



  1. Amanda, What a lovely portrait you've created of our charming Town. I love it here, too, and hope MY Amanda feels the same as you!

  2. I feel the same when I go back, great post to capture shared sentiments!