Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coast to Coast

{ Pike's Market: Seattle, WA during a Saturday night layover....}

Living in Hawaii I've gotten very use to flying over the ocean. Overnight flights, starry skies and sparsely lit atolls have become the norm for me after a decade of travelling to the South Pacific and the Mainland's West Coast. However, over the last several years ( thanks to Carlos and family ) I've been making almost annual trips to Florida. I love Florida, it's truly a magnificent state and despite my intense fear of flying I've learned to like the journey.  How? Well, I've been able to calm myself by focusing on our country slowly pass below me. I was a geography major back in the day at old SDSU so I can totally geek out on things like this. Give me a GPS monitor ( and a couple vodkas ) and I'll take on tornado inducing storms any day......ya right.

{ Mt. Rainer, Washington. The coolest thing I've seen from a plane since the approach to Bora Bora. }

{ eastern Oregon }

{ Utah }

{ The Rockies, Southern Colorado }

{ New Mexico, One of my favorite states...}

{ Texas }

{ Dallas-Ft Worth Airport, Anyone see the coyote on the runway? Crazy...}

{ Incredible tornado inducing clouds over east Texas }

{ storming over Louisiana }

{ somewhere over Mississippi or Alabama }

{ 100 miles west of our final destination: Jacksonville, Florida }

See you soon! Aloha!

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