Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 Things

I watch at least one of the Twilight movies about twice a month and I think Carlos is finally about to have me committed for it. Seriously.

I'm from Northern California and I absolutely HATE the taste of Chardonnay. Hey!....What the hell is all that damn OAK about? Feels like I'm chewing on damn redwood....

I have random cravings for Mexican Ceviche even though I have not eaten this delicious non-vegetarian dish since the mid 80s. So weird....

The biggest wave I have ever surfed had about a 12 foot face
on it. I made the drop, rode it to the channel and I immediately paddled back in vowing to never do that ever again.

I'm so old I used a type writer in college.


  1. As if I didn't already love you enough, now I know you watch Twilight as much as me :-)

    Your posts are just amazing. Thank you for making me smile with each one.