Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vegetarian Pho

I would make this again just for the delicious frangrance it left in my kitchen! Amazing!

{ Cinnamon and Star Anise ~ Smell absolutely incredible simmering in the big pot of Pho!}

I've never been able to try Pho thanks the main ingredient in the broth being bone marrow. Kind of makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. But the rest of this traditional Vietnamese soup always sounded so incredible to me! I used to swoon over my co-workers large containers of Pho being delivered at lunch time by a local cafe in Lahaina. The fragrance along with the thin vermicelli noodles, ginger and TONS of fresh Thai Basil made me almost cave in and order it myself.

No need now...

I was surfing one of my favorite style blogs the other day ( Sacramento Street ) when I stumbled upon this recipe for vegetarian Pho. Omg! I was so excited I made it immediately because I just happen to have tons of shittake, Thai basil, Star Anise and rice noodles in my pantry at all times. Totally normal. 

Check out the recipe HERE.
( Note: I added 4 fresh Keffir Lime leaves and fresh shittake mushrooms to the original recipe. )

Carlos and I ate the whole pot in one sitting. It was good! Totally going to be a new staple in this house. I would imagine this would be incredible in a cold weather climate or if you had a bad head cold. It just really warms you up! Especially if you love to lace EVERYTHING with Sriracha like I do!



  1. Everyone keeps raving about pho restaurants around here and NONE of them have veggie versions. I am so glad I can just make it at home now. Thank you. The flavors here (especially the star anise) sound amazing.

  2. Oh...sounds great - a ton of ingredients...some hard for me to find here in Trinidad but I saved it...thanks!

    xoxo from Trinidad