Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegan Manapuas

"Asian Steamed Buns" or as we like to call them in Hawaii, "Manapuas" are seriously one of my most favorite treats. I used to make them all the time as a kid from scratch ( yes I really did ) but it's probably been a good two decades+ since my last attempt.
Unfortunately, vegetarian or vegan versions of the steam bun are impossible to find on island and trust me... I look. Every gas station, 7/11 and grocery store on Maui has a choke selection of pork/beef manapuas sitting right next to the even more common spam musubi and cone sushi. But a vegan Manapua? Shoots....

However, I came across an awesome recipe for a veggie stuffed version on the blog, "Love and Olive Oil" and followed the recipe to a T.  I'm so happy I found this because they turned out savory and perfectly plump!

In the future I'm assuming I could stuff these with about any veggie I want? Next time, I think I'll add some spinach and Hoisin sauce to spice them up a bit. Tons of Hoisin sauce actually...That's how I remember them as a kid. I even have a deep scar on my hand from forcing a jar of Hoisin sauce open while making these. I actually ended up in the E.R. Very typical/classic move by my 12 year old self I should add...As always cooking, always in way too much of a hurry. Sound familiar Carlos?

Just a note: This does take a bit of prep time ( like kneading the dough and letting it rise ) but it is well worth it. The best part is they freeze really well so I had about 2 weeks worth of snacks from just this one batch. I'll be making these again for sure very soon.

"Asian Steam Buns with Kale and Bok Choy" Recipe HERE

{ flour + yeast }

{ shittake }

{ pretty greens }

{ steam }

{ EAT! }

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