Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roasted Spicy Maple Brussel Sprouts

I have never in my life had brussel sprouts until this week. I have no idea why? Maybe my parents didn't like them or something but I've honestly never been served them before. Anyway, I saw some for like nothing at the farmer's market last week in Kahului so I figured I'd test them out. Wow! This preparation I came up with was spot on! I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't just love a roasted brussel sprout! So glad I took the chance!
 Are there any common foods out there that you've never tried? I've also never had.... cheese fondue, a steak, pickles ( can't get pass the smell ) or sauerkraut. Random. 

Spicy Maple Brussel Sprouts
( recipe similar to THIS one )
10-12 trimmed brussel sprouts
2 Tbs olive oil
3 Tbs maple syrup
1 tsp hot pepper flakes
2 tsp sesame seeds
Pre-heat oven to 400. Line cookie sheet with tin foil and spray with oil. Peel and trim brussel sprouts, cut in half and place in medium size bowl. Add 3 Tbs olive oil, a couple small pinches of salt/pepper and toss. Place oiled brussel spouts on the lined cookie sheet cut side up and bake for 5-7 mins.
Remove brussel sprouts from oven and place back into medium bowl. Add maple syrup, hot pepper, and sesame seeds. Toss and then return to oven. Roast another 5-7 minutes until golden brown. Done!

These were delicious with a side of quinoa and grill organic sprouted tofu!



  1. What a gorgeous meal! I love brussels, glad you are a fan now too!

    The glaze you used on these sounds amazing.

  2. ohhhh i never thought about maple and pepper with brussel sprouts! can't wait to try excited! You know brussel spouts are my favorite right?

    here's my best b.s. recipe...

    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Love this. Hope I get Brussels with my CSA.

  4. I have never had brussel sprouts either, but your picture and recipe makes me want to try it!

    Midwest Amy