Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Happy New Year!

Okay....I know I'm a bit late to the party but I get a pass because I'm on island time right?

Well, "island time" meaning I'm so crazy busy right now because I live on the  #1 island holiday destination in the world that I've had no time to cook, eat, do laundry, grocery shop, clean the litter box, read, lounge, water the garden sorry Thai basil you'll be missed..., wash my car, let alone write!!


I don't have to work until 7 AM tomorrow morning so I figured this would be a good time to write down my resolutions for 2012!!!

I have a good feeling about 2012....nice round number, my birthday isn't some disturbing milestone, and I can't possibly make any less money than I did in 2011. So, here's me being positive. These moments are fleeting so it's good time to crank out some goals wouldn't you agree?

1. Drink more water!
Seems easy enough right? However for me this is a gnarly one. I hate water. I hate that when I drink a small cup full I have to pee like 8 times. And I hate the taste of it too. Okay, maybe the tiny bladder thing would go away so I've been told like a million times if I drank more of it but that's a lot of work. I just like coffee, green juice and wine way better but I know this needs to change. Obviously.
2. Think before buying.....
I've learned a great lesson in this never ending Great Recession and that is to be fully aware of where my money is going. I'm actually extremely good with money but even I can be better. I've noticed over the last couple of months I've been very conscience of where every dollar goes. Pedicures are nice but I can do them myself, dining out is awesome but we usually have a pantry and fridge full of food, 5" heels are hot but where OH WHERE do I wear them on Maui? Anyway, I'd like to commit to keeping this up. I'd rather save my pennies for a trip back to Australia, Tahiti or Bali, a retirement account, or maybe botox just a holiday HERE
3. Run
Okay, this resolution was totally unplanned but couple of weeks ago in the middle of all the holiday madness I had a total Forrest Gump moment. Yep. I went running....
Now, I don't normally run.  In fact I sort of hate it and I haven't ran in many years but for some reason I laced up my shoes and took off. No pressure either. I just decided one crazy afternoon after a venti coffee that I would run until I ran out of breath so I decided to run up the to the Kapalua Airport and back down. I wasn't tired afterwards so I decided to keep going until I reached Napili but I was still okay?! so I ran all the way back home. 3 miles total.
I've never been able to do that in. my. life.
So I've been running now for 3 weeks. Yep. 3 miles, 30 minutes, straight, no breaks. So New Years Resolution #3 is to keep this up. I hope to be running 2x as long and 2x as far by year's end. Lets see how I do?

Unless of course the world ends next December like they're saying? Which would be GREAT to know because maybe I'll keep getting those pedicures or head off to Byron Bay now.....Just saying.

So there you go...Just 3 resolutions this year. Quite a difference from last year's list but I feel that I don't have that much to prove anymore....

At 35 I'm doing my very best to earn my keep. Trust me I seriously bust my ass. Just because I live in vacationland doesn't mean I'm on vacation, I've found the love of my life, if we get married or not doesn't really matter to this divorcee incase anyone was wondering so it shouldn't matter to anyone else either, my diet is 80 percent whole, organic and vegan and 20 percent of it consists of goat cheese, wine, coffee and frozen yogurt can't do or would want to change anything about that, cross training to me is like breathing these days - I either surf, stand-up paddle, paddle, practice yoga, crank out on the elliptical machine, or now RUN 6 days a week without making much an effort to do so, I'm totally happy and content with my weight for the first time in my life... I'm at a stable and unwavering 107 lbs just keeping it real and putting it all out there folks and have been for many years no matter what I eat or how many calories I consume or burn. And if I gain any?? I honestly could care less at this point in my life. If anything my man would LOVE it.

That being said...
I plan to be back to a normal " blogging" schedule soon. Thank you again for all your sweet comments lately. You're the reason I'm still here....
As alway,
Mahalo and ALOHA!

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