Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day in the "Country"

I had a fantastic day today....
It started off gray and humid. I poured some coffee and spent about an hour on the net before Carlos and I discovered the near perfect surf across the street from our hale.
So within 20 minutes we were in the water paddling into head high waves, calm winds and a very friendly crowd. It was amazing.....
 After 11am the wind finally turned onshore so we headed in. No biggie because we took off to the "country" for a lazy afternoon in Paia instead.
{ Cruising post surf through Paia with my bag from Bali } 

{ classic plantation style }

{ window shopping }

{ A little Spanish white.... }

{ To go with my veggie fajitas from Cafe Mambo. }

{ I love this...}

{ lazy country cat }

{ Beautiful beachy wedding gowns at Tamara Catz }

{ I need one of these in the hale! }

{ A little treat to myself...Gold and Puka shells. }

{ A little detour to Ho'okipa before heading home. Check out the swell! }

{ 12' to 14' }

{ lazy north shore cows }

{ blue }

{ gold }

{ happy Carlos }

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