Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kitchen Staples

I have a few staples in my kitchen that I absolutely cannot live without. I'm sure you know what I mean....
Here's my list!
Sriracha: This stuff is nothing less than amazing. I use it as a dipping sauce, in curries, on sandwiches, in rice dishes and in soups. Sriracha is the quickest and cheapest way to add a bit of zing and heat to just about anything.

Goat Cheese: My most favorite dairy product out there. Not only is the lactose in goat milk lower than cow milk but it's taste and texture is so extremely versatile. I use goat cheese in pasta, on pizza, as a spread and even in dessert. I absolutely love this stuff!

Lemons: I put lemon juice on and in just about everything! It's fantastic in savory or sweet dishes. It cuts richness and adds that essential tangy/sour element to so many different recipes. Lemons have incredible health benefits as well....They are extremely alkalizing, low in calories and high in vitamin C. Awesome! 

Vanilla Paste: It's worth the price. This stuff is decadent! I add this to smoothies, ice creams, galettes, and just about anything else that screams for a sweet vanilla afterthought.

Maldon Sea Salt: I could go on and on about salt.....My pantry is stocked with all sorts of fancy salts from all over the world but if I had to choose one, this would be it. Maldon Sea Salt. Amazing on bruschetta, pizza, pasta, and Hawaiian poi. Again, worth the extra expense. Always.

Hot Pepper Flakes: Like lemons, I put hot pepper flakes on everything. It's a great way to add quick heat to just about anything. I love!

So, what are your kitchen staples???



  1. hey, where do you get your goat cheese? is it from Mana's or Whole Foods or possibly Costco? we used to live on Maui but now reside on O'ahu and i found your blog via google. i look forward to your response. thanks in advance. with aloha from your fan in Honolulu

  2. Aloha, I LOVE Surfing Goat Dairy's Goat Cheese but these days I've been buying all my cheeses from Costco. It's just hard to beat their prices. Mahalo for commenting :)

  3. First off...your pictures, just gorgeous! I can't get enough of their simplistic elegance.

    I also love knowing what your kitchen necessities are, VERY similar to mine...goat cheese and sriracha for sure.