Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kai Wailea ~ Happy Hour

I don't know how we went from hunting down a surfboard on Craigslist in Kihei to having sake in Wailea....?
Being that Kihei is about an hour drive from our house it felt like a major waste of gas when Carlos quickly vetoed the 9'6" noserider. Good thing we accidentally stumbled upon a great little happy hour that we didn't even know existed nestled between Tiffany's and Louis Vuittion at the Shops of Wailea! I'm so glad I was wearing yoga clothes, no make-up and a faded baseball hat.
Kai Wailea is a cute little Japanese Tapa and Sushi Restaurant. They serve local fresh fish delivered daily. I'm not kidding... In the short time we were sitting there we saw island fresh Ahi ( tuna ) and Tako ( octopus ) brought to the restaurant by local fisherman. Pretty cool huh?
We only ordered a couple of things for we really just wanted something to tie us over until dinner but after viewing the delicious looking dinner menu we will be trying Kai Wailea in the near future. 
{ My "overflow" style cold Sake served in a traditional cedar box. "Overflow is exactly that...an over pour of Sake that spills over into the box. Nice. }

{ My Sweet Chili and Sesame Edamame }

{ Carlos's Robata-yaki, "The traditional method of grilling meats, seafood, and vegetables is enhanced with genuine Bincho charcoal, imported from Japan, for authentic smokey flavor."~Wailea Dining Directory. Carlos raved about this! This dish normally priced at $19.88 is half off between 5-6pm! }  

Check out Kai Wailea's menu and website HERE



  1. That is my kind of happy hour.

  2. yum...looks amazing...

    xoxo from Trinidad