Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Haliimaile General Store

Carlos loves to go to Costco. 
We make the hour drive over to Kahului at least every other weekend to stock up on staples like La Brea bread, goat cheese, and Waipoli greens. However, I lose Carlos in Costco every. single. time.
 He gets sucked into the electric department, drools over the extensive meat section, and tries every single gooey sample....twice. Thank God for cell phones.
Then after braving the usual long Costco size lines, Carlos HAS to get a massive Costco hot dog, a huge slice of pepperoni pizza, and a soda. I mean how can he turn down all those nitrates and saturated fats for just $3.49. Seriously...you should see my face as I sit there watching him inhale this mess and secretly panicking about the organic eggs waiting in our cart at room temperature. Yes, I'm a little neurotic incase you have not figured this out just yet.
So today I had a plan!!! It was my only day off and I really wanted to do something fun instead of just running errands in town so I suggested having lunch at the Haliimaile General Store in Haliimaile. I figured if we did this before Costco then Carlos would forgo the 20 different samples and his usual hot dog and pizza treat.


The Haliimaile General Store is so cute! It's tucked up in the vase sugar cane ( once pineapple ) fields between Kahului and Makawao. Honestly, I feel bad for we have neglected this little gem for so many years and it is high time that we stop for a visit!

{ beautiful plantation style bar }

{ Shared appetizer: Brie and Grape Quesadilla with Pea Guacamole. So decadent! }

{ Bev Gannon's gorgeous cookbooks available HERE }

{ Super yummy steak fries! }

{ My HUGE Mediterranean Vegetable Wrap made with marinated portobellas, grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, herbed goat cheese, white bean hummus, Kula romaine lettuce served with a petite mixed green salad. Delish! } 

{ Carlos's fantastic looking Fresh Catch Sandwich ( caught off Maui last night ) made with Hawaiian Opah ( moonfish ), roasted garlic miso aioli, shiso leaves, pickled ginger, and a toasted poi roll.  This was served with a sweet sesame slaw that was absolutely divine! Wow! }

My little plan worked! Carlos was stuffed and our Costco trip ended up being twice as fast as normal.
 I love that!!

The Haliimaile General Store is open for lunch and dinner daily. Check out their beautiful website HERE.
Haliimaile has been open on Maui for over 20 years and has won several 'Aipono Awards for "Best Hawaiian Regional Cuisine".

Hui Hou and ALOHA!

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  1. Yum...looks amazing! I lose my husband in Costco all the time...he gets sucked in by evrything...he's not allowed to go by himself. LOL Now that we dont have a costco here in Trinidad - we miss it a lot!
    xoxo from Trinidad