Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop

4 miles south of Lahaina Town is the beautiful little outpost of Olowalu.
Olowalu is home to a popular surf break famous for catching summer swells with just the right amount of off shore wind. This in turn creates a perfectly fast and hallow wave. It's also home to a fantastic hydroponic tomato farm, a farmer's market, a smoothie and Hawaiian shave ice truck, a general store ( famous for it's boiled peanuts ) and now Maui's newest and cutest cafe, Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop.
We stopped by the brand new Leoda's after a long day of running errands in Kahului. Check it out! Isn't it adorable?
{ No, I did not photoshop the rainbow in the background. It was there. Seriously. }

 We left with a loaf of "Butter Bread". I mean really, how could we turn down a bread with a name like that right? It went perfectly with the homemade minestrone I made for dinner.

 Some really interesting items on the menu! I can't wait to try their Yuzu-Lemon Tart, or their Savory Corn Pie made with hibachi sweet corn, lime zest, cotija cheese, chives and cilantro, or their Fried Salad made with brussel sprout leaves, burnt orange vinaigrette, celery leaves, radish and local mint! Sounds so delicious don't you think?

Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop is open from 10am to 8pm daily at 820 Olowalu Village Road.
Right across the street from this pretty spot in Olowalu....

Check it out!


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