Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Thanksgiving Dishes for Vegetarians

I'm having such a hard time believing it's already Thanksgiving week. Where or where did this year go!?
 Thanksgiving on Maui is always a bit nostalgic for me. The first time I ever set foot on this island was Thanksgiving day, 1990. I remember flying into the tiny Kapalua Airport on a warm late afternoon and thinking how different and quiet Maui looked compared to crowded Honolulu. I remember heading "Upcountry" that evening to have dinner in Kula with our family friends and I remember how amazing the air felt, so warm and fragrant compared to the freezing cold of San Francisco. What a feast that night too! Turkey, sticky rice, fresh caught Ono, poi, baked Molokai sweet potatoes, Portuguese Sweet Bread with guava jam. It was one of my most favorite Thanksgiving ever!
Fast forward 20 plus years I'm still here on Maui... living a simple life minutes away from that tiny airport I first flew into. Now as a resident, I've had to say goodbye to lazy, drawn out Thanksgiving meals with my family. I work most holidays ( with the exception of last year in Hana ) and Thanksgiving is typically now spent at random gatherings with friends as they come and go from their night or day jobs. This is the new normal of course for I have not been home for Thanksgiving ( or Christmas ) since 1998. Don't feel bad though, I really don't think much of it anymore....
This year will be no different than any other....I'm working from 7am until 1:30 and then Carlos and I will head to a pot luck of some sort at a friend's home. As a strict vegetarian now ( I actually quit eating all animals soon after that first trip to Maui. ) I love to bring great fall inspired vegetarian dishes to these sort of gatherings.  So, with that said here' s a list of some of my favorites! 

And some ideas for leftovers.....

Enjoy and Aloha!

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