Friday, November 4, 2011

Aloha Friday ~ Halloween Belated

I figured it would be appropriate to end the week with some fuzzy and silly iPhone pictures from Halloween night in Lahaina Town for this Aloha Friday.
Somehow someway the city of Lahaina finally decided to allow the closing of our famous Front Street for the huge annual party known as the "Mardi Gras of the Pacific".

{The last 4 years they have been trying to "tame" the mayhem by allowing cars to fill the street as well as shining extremely bright stadium style lights all over the party goers....}


But this year was different! Yey! Even with the heaviest downpour of rain I have seen in a year, about 40,000 peeps showed up dressed for the occasion. It was fantastic! ( Even if my high heeled boot broke as soon as we got to town. ) Sooooo happy I was off from work the following day!

So not to spoil tradition, Carlos wore the same ridiculous orange suit that he's been wearing since 2004 and I was a ( Swiss Miss/Milk Maid/Beer Frau ???) Not really sure what I was suppose to be but I was wearing way more clothing than most! It's actually the same costume that I took with me to Savannah,GA last year but never used because it was FREEZING in the Low Country and I just couldn't handle. Not the case this year in humid, 82 degree Maui!

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!
See you next week

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