Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love

{ The best island breakfast out there: Papaya + Lime. }

{ The fact that white ginger is covering Maui right now! Smells incredible! }

{ The Rosemary and Olive Oil bread from La Brea Bakery }

{ Locally made Acacia Bikinis }

{ The way Carlos is with animals...}


  1. Every time I bite into a papaya with lime juice on it I'm instantly back in Kona for my first visit to the islands in 1969. It was my first morning there and I had breakfast with all of the Aliis, including Uncle Rudy. It was the most exotic thing I had ever tasted and I love it to this day. I had Portuguese sausage and eggs and toast with a sweet coconut butter on it. And I topped it all off with a huge glass of guava nectar. I think I fell in love with Hawaii at that very moment.

  2. wow....those bikinis look hot and amazing!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Fun blog. Love all the food posts!!! So inspiring. I'm not exactly amazing in the kitchen. Glad you're enjoying your's one of my good girlfriends line :)