Monday, October 10, 2011

Heavenly Hana, Maui

{ Breaking dawn in Hana, Maui }

Calm and relaxed are two words that would never be used to describe me. I am constantly on edge, worrying about things that are days, months, and years away and I have a mental "to do" list in my head at all times. If you know me personally this probably doesn't shock you at all. If you don't, then knowing this will help you understand why I live on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. I seriously think the Mainland would drive me to insanity...
Now and then ( about every 6 months ) I reach a breaking point and need to get away. Yes, I live on Maui but I promise you I still have all the stress that you do. Things like a job, bills, people pressure, health, and aging do not disappear just because I no longer live in California. Things are terribly expensive out here, good jobs are scarce, and family is thousands of miles and expensive plane tickets away. So, every now and then I seriously need to unplug. It's been a year since our last vacation and God knows when the next one will be. That is why I am so thankful for this place...
A little corner of Maui where my cell phone doesn't ring and high heels are restricted. It also happens to be the only place on the planet where I always seem to sleep through the night. Not an easy feat....
I love it here.

{ morning sun }

{ white ginger flower }

{ avocado season }

{ Farm fresh smoothie: goat's milk, honey, and bananas }

{ pickings from the yard for breakie }

{ Delicious rosemary toast topped with black sea salt, avocado, pomegranates, and cilantro all picked on the property. }

{ French pressed Hawaiian coffee }

{ Fat Head...Best cat ever! }

{ Carlos, slowly waking up...}

{ no rush }

{ avocados and lilikoi }

{ homemade dried bananas and star fruit }

{ Hawaiian Noni fermenting }

{ lilikoi }

{ delicious edible Pahole Ferns }

{ Happy milk and cheese producing goats! }

{ Will be continued with a day at Wai'anapanapa, Hamoa! }


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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time girl! Beautiful pictures (as always)...I hear you about getting matter where you live life does have it's stresses. I would never have guessed you would have been wound up...I figured you as a chill surfer girl..guess we have more in common than I thought! :-)
    xoxo from Trinidad