Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hana Cornucopia

We were only in Hana for a total of 36 hours.
Amazingly, I took over 500 photographs before my battery died. Lucky you because I could wax on about Hana for days...
Seriously though, Hana is one of the most inspirational places I have ever been to. The colors, the sultry air, the scent of flowers and salt permeate all the senses. Hana, Maui is a utopia hidden in a most remote corner of world. I honestly feel so fortunate to live so close.
For my last Hana post I wanted to showcase it's cuisine. My favorite part indeed.
 Farmer's markets and fruit stands sprinkle the highway for miles and as a result made it impossible not to stop, graze, and then purchase. On one lazy afternoon we found ourselves at the Travassa resort ( formally the Hotel Hana-Maui ) for a relaxing light lunch. Then, on our last evening, we picked through our friend's garden, enjoyed the flaming sunset and then lounged with our wonderful hosts and resident cats...
I hope you enjoyed Hana this week as well....

{ apple bananas }

{ Hana Fresh - a must stop, always. }

{ Tomatillos! I love! }

{ A very patient farmer's market patron waiting for his human. }

{ It's always tomato season on Maui. Jealous? }

{ Loads of Banana-Mac Nut Bread.}

{ Island staples: apple banana and pineapple from Kapalua. }

{ The Paniolo Bar at Travassa } 

{ Carlos's favorite drink...Crown and Coke }

{ Classic Guac and homemade Taro Chips }

{ My drink...New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. }

{ A classic Cobb Salad ( with bacon on the side ) since Carlos and I shared. }

{ Koi ponds at Travassa }

{ Carlos, finishing my second drink as usual. }

{ sugar cane }

{ Fat Head }

{ sweet potato and lemongrass }

{ Chard in a toilet. }

{ beans! }

{ delicious spinach }

{ cherry tomatoes }

{ row of lettuce }

{ lilikoi ( passion fruit ) }

{ Some random fruit, Japanese eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers }

{ chard }

{ dragon fruit }

{ Some tunes... A very nice way to end the day.... }

I miss you already Fat Head...
Thank you so much Shawn and Rachel for everything!! We will be back very soon! 
XO and ALOHA!  


  1. My hubby is a crown guy too & Im a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc girl...we would have a fun double date! :-) Great pictures girl!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Beautiful pictures! Wish I could enjoy that fruit (we seriously are missing color here in Michigan!!) Amy

  3. Gorgeous photos as usual. I fell like I'm there!