Friday, October 21, 2011

Aloha Friday~30 Day Fitness Update

Ending another long week out here.....
However, I love my weekends. I truly do because every week I get two days off on Maui.
I have no real plans for the weekend except to visit my new favorite farmer's market that I found hidden in an old Asian market in Kahului, surf, and get some sun. Humid voggy conditions are expected this coming Sunday so I plan to enjoy our perfect weather in the mean time.
I'm also concluding my 30 Days of Fitness. Honestly, I lost count and I think I actually passed it.
All in all I'm happy I stuck with the plan because it got me active again after a month of couch surfing during my job training. Some days it was really hard to squeeze in 60 minutes but I did it ( with the exception of my 2 sick days mid month ).
Any changes? Well, more energy for sure. I feel stronger throughout my arms and a bit in my core. I did not lose or gain any weight in case anyone was curious. My weight has been extremely stable for the last 5 years no matter what I do so I was not expecting any change for I am typically a very active girl. The goal of my challenge was to get moving again after my job training. Pretty simple so mission accomplish I guess?

Week 4
Oct 14: 1 hour vinyasa yoga, 40 minutes elliptical machine followed by ab crunches and stretching
Oct 15: 1 hour vinyasa yoga, 40 minutes elliptical machine
Oct 16: 1 hour surf
Oct 17: 50 minutes elliptical machine followed by 20 weight training
Oct 18: 1 hr 20 minute down wind  stand-up paddle, 30 minutes elliptical machine
Oct 19: 1 hour vinyasa yoga
Oct 20: 1 hour 10 minute coastal hike through Kapalua

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  1. There is nothing like a good workout program to get your mind and body active and ready to take on the world!