Monday, September 19, 2011


Alright, time for a major reset! My three week long training session for my new job is finally over! I wish I could properly celebrate, but I have to get up at 5am tomorrow for my first day....So, no resting just yet!

Anyway, over the last three weeks I put in some really long hours, ate way too much junk food, drank way to much coffee, had very little water, relaxed after work with a little too much wine and I didn't consume 1 green juice! Ewe! On top of this, I barely moved from a sitting position with the exception of one long sunburn inducing surf session and a handful of days on the elliptical machine at the gym. Needless to say, I've pretty much been a total couch potato.

Yuck. I seriously feel like crap and I need to change this ASAP!!
 So, starting today, I'm going to challenge myself to a "30 Day Reset". Winter surf season is just around the corner out here in Hawaii and I need to get myself in slamming shape. So, everyday over the next 4 weeks I plan on doing at least 1 hour of physical activity. This can be anything I want it to be for the weather, wind, and surf conditions change in Hawaii almost hourly. I also plan on eating at least one large salad a day along with either a green juice, smoothie or acai bowl. I going to eliminate coffee, anything with processed sugar and cut down on the vino and dairy!
So who's with me?? Hey, just because summers coming to an end up here in the northern hemisphere doesn't mean it's time to slack off!! Noway! There is surf coming, snow coming ( for those of you that enjoy winter sports), and delicious autumn fruit and veggies about to hit the markets!! I'm super excited how about you?

 Here's my list of daily activities to choose from....

* downwind stand-up paddling
*paddle boarding ( laying down )
*hiking the Kapalua Village Course ( very hilly )
* jogging
* elliptical machine at the gym
* vinyasa yoga
* carve boarding ( terra skateboarding )
*Zumba ( if I find the guts to try it )
*Bikram ( same as above )
*ocean swimming or snorkeling
*Kapalua Coastal Hike
*strength training

Alright, that should keep me busy....
Today, I paddled my stand up board with Carlos for an hour and 20 minutes against a strong current and healthy tradewinds!! I'm sore already!!
{ Location of our 4 mile paddle this morning.}

 As for tomorrow, who knows? Guess I'll have to see how the weather is when I'm pau with work....Wish me luck.


P.S. I plan on reporting my workouts that I accomplished for the week on my "Aloha Friday" posts!


  1. sounds like we could all use a reset! Your 1 hour of exercise pledge makes me feel like I need to step up my game! I run for 35 minutes a day,but have been feeling the need to increase the time limits. So...if you can do an hour, I can do it too! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Amy from Michigan

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I usually aim for 1 hour of exercise daily normally - I should cut back on my vino as well - too many fun events have been going on lately... xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Amy! Just so you know there is nooooo way I can run for an hour straight right now. However, I could do 20 minutes jogging and then another 40 mins on the eliptical instead...My goal is one hour of cardio/yoga a day no matter how I add up my minutes.
    Way to go with your 35 minute jog! That's awesome! xo

  4. i really need a reset! Summer messed up my healthy eating habbits and i could do more streching (never liked).BTW i love your blog. I can do surfing only on holidays, so sunny photos of beachlife are my gateway.
    Satu from Finland

  5. My plan right now is getting my spinning and yoga back in gear lol and I am you are sick of hearing this I WANT MY KITCHEN BACK lol