Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grilled Nectarines and Blue Cheese

Okay....So I have this massive chuck of blue cheese in the fridge from Costco and Carlos has barley touched it. ( Seriously! Why? ). Obviously, I can't just let it sit there and go to waste so now I need to help out.
(  Somebody twist my arm.... )

Enter: Summer fresh Nectarines.

Now, Nectarines are not a locally produced crop ( well, not that I know of ) but at $1.88 a pound at Safeway in Lahaina it seemed like a crime to not grab a few. I mean really, somebody please explain to me why mangoes are $3 apiece and pineapples are over $5 on Maui?  I swear, this is why I buy mainland produce sometimes. Sorry, but it's true. So much for my light carbon footprint.
Well I'm forgiving myself after I made this! OMG! So yummy and sooooo easy to throw together.
Here's all you need...

Grilled Nectarines and Blue Cheese
nectarines, cut in half and remove pits
mild oil ( I used sunflower )
blue cheese
a grill pan or grill
an oven set on BROIL and a oiled cookie sheet 

{ Fresh nectarines will give a little bit when you lightly squeeze them. }

{ Cut fruit in half, remove pit, and rub each half with a tiny bit of oil. Next, place on grill. When grill marks form ( after a few minutes ) flip over and stuff with blue cheese. Transfer nectarines to an oiled cookie sheet and then place under the broiler until the cheese melts. About 2-3 minutes.}

{ Remove from broiler and drizzle with honey. }

{ Add some crushed walnuts and that's it! }

I ate this for lunch with a hunk of crusty bread. Carlos missed out. Definitely.


  1. Oh yum that looks amazing xx

  2. these look absolutely incredible. i love grilling peaches & pineapple but now i must try nectarine!