Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obsessed: Part II

 The thought of wearing anything on my face sort of made me nauseous after moving to a humid climate in my early 20s. Products like moisturizer, concealer, and foundation were completely out of the question. Honestly, beauty products always intimidated the hell out of me. I think I was traumatized in my teens with all the goopy stage make-up I wore for dance and cheerleading competitions. I didn't know that beauty products were not suppose to feel or look like that!
My beauty products over the last 15 years have been narrowed down to a few basic MAC products. "Studio Fix" face powder, 2 neutral shadows, 1 lip liner, one shade of lipstick, bronzer, and a very black mascara. 15 whole years, the same look and colors, I'm not kidding you.
Recently I started noticing that my skin was looking a bit dry and dull so I decided I needed a change.
 I started asking girlfriends, co-workers, Sephora, The Cos Bar, beauty blogs, and most of all my product savvy sister. What I discovered was shocking!
 I've been totally missing out!!
Wow what a difference! Foundation doesn't have to feel like Vaseline! Concealer can hide my pesky dark circles and sun spots! Illuminizers, I love you! Sheer glossy lips, I say yes!
This has been fun! And now I'm totally addicted! But don't worry....I know my limits. I'm very careful about over doing it. Carlos has been a great temperature gage for me. He's not a big make-up fan and he'd be the first person to tell me if I looked a bit over done. Instead, I've been hearing, "Wow, you look really pretty" a little more often these days. Can't say I don't like that!
So, here are the products I've been using. No, I don't wear them all at once. Some days I like different looks and my make-up will vary whether I'm going to work, spending the day in Paia or going out for cocktails.
 I plan on posting about new products I find in the future too. Hope you don't mind!
1. Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in "BR50 Sienna". I've tried several samples from different brands before going with this one. It's oil-free and incredibly sheer. I love that it has the slightest hint iridescence for a "dewy" look. Perfect for Hawaii!
2. YSL Radiant Touch  in "3". Great concealer for under the eyes. 
3. Time Balm Concealer in "medium". Great over all concealer. Fantastic for break outs! I also use this on my lips under gloss when I want a "nude" look which I've been loving lately.
4. MAC's Studio Fix in "C4".  My old trusty stand by.
5. Nars Illuminator in "Laguna". Great sheer bronzer for a dewy beachy look.
*Bronzer and more Illuminators*
1. Benefit's "High Beam". I sometimes use this on the bridge of my nose or on my upper cheek bones.
2. Benefit's "Hoola". Another old stand by bronzer that I've been using since my SDSU days. I think I originally purchased it because it was called "Hoola" 
2. Tarte's "Natural Beauty" Cheek Stain. These are cool! They create a sheer dewy finish. I think I'd like to experiment with deeper shades.
I've always thought that MAC had the most fantastic pigments and I rarely stray from their collections. I found that the guys and girls that work at the MAC counters to be extremely knowledgeable and very helpful too! 
My current shades: "Mulch", "Fresh Daisy" ( limited ) "Patina", "Shale", and "Black Tied" ( used as a liner )
*More Eyes*
1. Bobbi Brown: Limited Edition "Sand Tortoise Shell Eye Palette". I love this because it's so easy to travel with and so nice to have 8 beachy shades is one compact case!
2. Benefit's "They're Real" mascara. This is a sample size and I'm in love. I'll be using this brand of mascara for a long time I think!
I've shied away from lipsticks when I discovered these great sheer glosses. I love these with or without liners...
1. Lancome's Juicy Tubes Jelly in "Raspberry Ice" and "Bolole"
2. Bobbi Brown's "Beach"
3. Clinique's "Black Honey" Beautifully sheer!
4. MAC's lip liner in "Hodgepodge"
And just in case...
A light spray to keep everything in place during long humid work days. It totally works too...Amazing!
I've always loved a good professional pedicure but these days I save the $40 and do them myself. I'm obsessed with having perfectly polished toes partly because in Hawaii there's very little wearing of "closed toed" shoes ( even in the work place ). I love that, but if you're in the water as much as I am, maintence becomes an almost daily routine....
I recently started painting my short nails as well. I used to wear only pale pinks or clear polish on my nails but lately I've been having a lot of fun with corals and and bright pinks. These shades look amazing with a tan. I've yet to embrace the pastel blue, purple, and green trend but I'll never say never...
 My favorite brand of all time: Essie. Second runner up: OPI

That was fun!
Check out these great tutorials by "Pixiwoo" on You Tube. I've learned so much about product application from these two cute British girls. My sister and I are totally obsessed!


  1. Essie is my hands-down fave polish with Zoya coming up close lately as a runner-up! If you don't like foundation or powder you should check out BB cream! I think I've read their best if you're a NC30 or lighter (in MAC). I've also been obsessed with my Bare Minerals for years. I can't wear regular foundation at all...

    xx Vivian @

  2. Thank you so much Vivian for your helpful insight!

  3. You are gonna love your samples I can't wait to see what comes in my box next month and they throw in free stuff too! Great way to sample stuff!