Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obsessed: Part 1

I've never thought twice about my skin when I was young. I was a very lucky acne-free teenager, I never burned and I constantly looked as if I just got back from a Caribbean vacation even in the dead of winter. Don't hate me...I promise I had plenty of other issues but for some crazy stroke of luck my skin was not one of them. Thanks to this phenomenon, I terribly abused it.
{ Reckless in French Polynesia circa 2005}

Tanning beds were pretty big in the early 90's, so was baby oil on the beach, and the extreme avoidance of skin healthy fats like avocados and nuts. I even went through a period where I actually thought a "peeling" nose or shoulders was cool....You know, the sign of a real surfer girl. The fact that I lived in coastal southern California in my early 20s during the first "Baywatch" years probably didn't help matters either. 
I was warned...
"Wear sunscreen, wear a hat, wear a rash guard, buy good sunglasses!" My 40 looking 69 year old mother brags about how she avoided the sun after the age of 27 and how I'll someday pay for my ignorance but I still didn't listen. After all, I was the genetic freak in my light eyed, blond, fair skinned family. Surely my naturally deep olive toned skin would survive any sort of onslaught.
I was wrong.
 Fast forward a good 15 years of surfing under a tropical sun and I'm seeing fine lines, dark spots, and childhood facial scars growing deeper and darker.
 At 35 I'm suddenly obsessed with my skin and as vain as that might sound it's honestly and painfully true.  
I guess it's better late than never and I'm on a serious mission....
 I've been making some internal changes for my skin this year like drinking way more water. I'm really bad about this one because I hate it ( weird, I know... ) I'm taking vitamin E supplements and eating loads of avocados when I can. Externally, I'm dry brushing once a day,  I finally settled on a facial moisturizer and I'm actually using it daily ( big step! ) I even picked one with SPF and I actually like it.

 I'm exfoliating my face and neck 3 times a week, I'm removing my mascara with an actual cotton ball and an intended removing solution (  instead of roughly rubbing my eyes with a chaffing washcloth and water ) and I've found a fantastic gentle face wash that actually removes my heavy surfing sunscreen and make-up!

 Major improvements!

With all this attention to skin care a new unexpected addiction has surfaced....I'll be back with this one next post!
(  to be continued )


  1. I need to start taking better care of my skin and taking off my mascara! I always just drop into bed after a night out-face full of makeup-and I always go out in the sun for "a little color", but I need to start taking care of it! What do you mean about seeing childhood facial scar getting deeper?


    Erin @

  2. Hi Erin :) Thanks for the comment!
    I have a dog bite on my forehead along with a scar from my sister along my hairline. I also have a scar right under my left lash line where my surfboard fin hit and cut me. As my fine lines and wrinkles set it, the scars are becoming part of them and in my case looking very pronouced. The large dog bite I got when I was 3 years old is the bad actually I edit it out of my pictures often :(

  3. This is a really good post - thanks for sharing! xx

  4. I read yourblog almost daily. I love posts like this! and all your great food posts too!