Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charred Corn Tacos with Slaw

I found this incredible ( and a bit different ) veggie taco recipe on the blog Smitten Kitchen this week!
BTW- "Smitten Kitchen" is unbelievable! Everything this chick makes is INCREDIBLE! One of my favorites for sure! If you are not familiar with "Smitten Kitchen" ( like you've been hiding under a rock or something ) I urge you to check it out! NOW!
This taco can be made vegan very easily by omitting the cheese ( I used feta ) and butter ( I used olive oil ). I was able to throw it together pretty quickly and made very little alterations to her original recipe. I know...so unlike me.
The only issue was I don't have a gas grill. So instead, I used a grill pan to blacken the corn. 
I would assume this would be fantastic with a side of black beans but honestly I was pretty stuffed with just two of these tacos.
Let me know what y'all think!! 
{ I peeled up the zuke with this thingy...Then I cut it into matchsticks. }

{ I cut up the radishes like the zuke but this time with a knife. }

{ Then I mixed them together and added some lime juice and salt. }

{ I then blacken the corn before adding it to the sauteed onions and garlic. }

{ Don't forget your greens! }

{ Add your choice of cheese, a squeeze of lime, some hot sauce! }

I love!!


  1. oooooh you have me craving for this and it is almost my bed time. hehehe

  2. Yummy and meat-free! Me likey! Must try this.

  3. sooo delicious! loving your recipes chica !