Sunday, June 26, 2011

Australian Sticky Date Pudding

The infamous Sticky Date Pudding.
Hailing from my most favorite port of call in the southern hemisphere, this Aussie delicacy is more than worthy of being the topic of the 500th post on "The Grains of Paradise".
This is not vegan. This contains loads of butter, cream, and sugar but let me tell you this.... it is worth every step on the stairmaster to burn this sucker off.
I first discovered this most sinful of desserts at a fantastic little beachside eatery in Manly, NSW named the "Blue Water Cafe". After that indulgent afternoon Carlos and I ordered "Sticky Date Pudding" at almost every restaurant from Sydney to Hamilton Island.
 I've been feeling incredibly nostalgic for Oz these days so I felt it was time to finally give a homemade version of a sticky date a go. I found a fantastic recipe for it HERE.
Please... eat this while it's still warm, load on the carmel sauce and serve it with the richest, most decadent vanilla ice cream you can find. I promise you won't regret one bite!



  1. this is a work of art...sticky goodness
    I'm trying this recipe out...yummy!