Friday, May 13, 2011

Vietnamese Burritos

I can't stop making these.... Ever since discovering this new DIY way of eating "Summer Rolls" at "Saigon Seafood" in Lahaina I've been making them a few times a week. I know I've posted plenty of summer roll recipes in the past but there is something so casual and fun about these! No need to make them in advance anymore.... instead, just roll as you go!
First things first, find some round rice/tapioca paper wrappers ( found in the Asian food section of your grocery store ). Next pick whatever fresh yummies you want... Today I chose butter leaf lettuce, carrots, jicama, mint, Thai Basil, and cilantro. Then, boil a pot of water and pour it in a large shallow bowl and dip one wrapper at a time in the water until it softens ( about 30 seconds ) and place on a large plate. Add veggies and roll!

For a dipping sauce I've been making....1 part rice wine vinegar, 1 part soy sauce with about a tablespoon of agave.
Just another delicious way to get your raw veggies in!
Enjoy and Aloha!


  1. I am going to need to make some of these soon. I have the papers and just never seem to get around to it...until you post them and remind me of how yummy they are. I wish I could have made it to Saigon looked cute and tasty!

  2. I made these today for my 4 coworkers because the picture you posted of it was SO pretty; however, and I hope this doesnt hurt your feelings, but 2 of us thought they were gross, 2 of us liked them. Maybe the basil was too overwhelming? Or the cilantro? Not sure, but it didnt blow us away like your other recipes. I will be trying the greek panini recipe next!
    Amy from Michigan

  3. Amy, I'm sorry you thought they were "gross". I did state to fill the "burritos" with whenever you want so maybe it was not the right combo of ingredients for you. If you didn't like the "rice paper" wrappers then that's different and maybe this is not for you.... Just so you know fresh herbs are always very strong esp. in the raw form and should be used according to taste. I've found that people either love or totally hate cilantro. Thai basil is similar....Did you use Thai or the common Italian basil? If you used Italian then yes, the rolls would have tasted VERY different then the ones I made. Maybe try them again using no herbs at all? Ingredients like tofu, shrimp, and avocados go well in them too. Just make sure you use lettuce as a filler then add whatever veggies you want with whatever dipping sauce you want...I really posted this dish as a concept more than a recipe. Hope this helps...