Friday, May 27, 2011


The ocean has been "Victory at Sea" conditions for over a week now. As a result, stand-up paddling and surfing are quickly becoming a distant memory.
Welcome to spring time in Hawaii....Home to lots of wind and flat spells. Ewe.
 By the end of May, surfers are really antsy in the islands. You can always tell the surf conditions just by the tone of the "discussion" board on our local online surf report. It's pretty entertaining. Some people are really bored I tell you. 
( click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for board... )
Good thing June is just around the corner. Everyone is looking forward to the energy that should arriving soon from wintertime in the southern hemisphere...
Carlos and I gave up on surf and decided to head Upcountry to see the Jacarandas in bloom. We headed to Keokea, a sleepy little outpost on the steep slopes of our big sleepy volcano. It was beautiful up there today. As always...

{ Grandma's jams and syrups }

{ Grandma's spiced Coffee Cake. Yum }

{ coffee tree }

{ Hawaiian Red O'hia }

{ wildflowers }


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ironwoods Beach

Where leeward Maui meets it's wild windward side.

I've always loved this lonely windswept beach in Kapalua....

{ Pretty beaded tassels on my "Indah" bikini. }

{ My beach towel slowly disappearing in the Tradewinds. }

{ Low Tide }

{ A favorite beach read. }

{ New "Essie" shade: "watermelon", coral cuts from yesterday's surf sesh, slipper tan lines, and the shadow of my hair in the breeze.}

{ Dunes }

{ Native Hawaiian "Naupaka" plants } 


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tom and Jerry

This has been going on for weeks!
Looks like Taj picked the wrong time to take a nap again....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second Chances

I love second hand stores!
Always have....back in college I think I spent half my surf shop paychecks at the "Buffalo Exchange", on Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach. These days Carlos ( he's addicted too! ) and I always make sure to find these types of stores whenever we travel off island.
Our favorite city so far for unique styles, designers and quality has been Sydney, Australia. Fabulous finds down there! We also liked some shops we recently came across in random places like Tucson AZ, Savannah GA, and Ventura, CA. 
What do I look for? Well,  I've always been drawn to features like beading, silk fabrics, interesting prints like ikat or batik, Asian influences or anything shear. I search out designer brands when I can but won't spend the money unless it's in flawless condition and truly "fits". I do not buy winter clothes no matter how amazing something might be ( just doesn't make sense when I live in the tropics ). Also... belts, bags, shoes, and jewelry should not be overlooked. I've found some beautiful shoes over the years that looked like they'd never been worn! Vintage purses? Don't get me started! Beautiful.
We have a few second hand shops on Maui ( Elise, Rainbow Attic, Savers, Northshore Consignment, Biasa Rose ( small vintage section in the back of the store ), and The Salvation Army ) and I've been lucky to score a few treasures over the years. Maui's consignment scene is nothing like you would come across in a big city but I'm always amazed by the stuff I do find on this little island. I always wonder where it was originally purchased new? Not here probably.... 
EBay = Brilliant.
 I've also had AMAZING luck on EBay. I search for my favorite brands that are sooooo $$$ in retail shops and I SCORE big time! Many of these pieces are brand new too. When shopping on EBay I usually purchase "tops" unless I know my exact pant size of a certain brand. I found that I have little sizing issues with online purchases if I stick to this rule. Oh and an FYI on EBay:  I always buy from sellers with a score of  99-100%.
So, Here's some samples from my "second hand" collection. These have been purchased over the past few years.
 The best things about living on Maui are these when it comes to fashion:
 Only one season to deal with year round and most styles last for years!
A pretty and airy blouse I found at "Elise" in Kahului. I'm not sure of the brand ( but the lable has a cute mermaid on it ) It's %100 silk and was only $8!
Locally made new "peacock" earrings found at "Rainbow Attic" in Kihei for $8.
Gorgeous 100% silk shirt by "Little Joe" that I purchased at a consignment store in Bondi Beach for $20 AUD. This probably retailed somewhere between $250-$350 USD. Love the delicate scalloped hem line.
A beautiful vintage black suede and gold purse that I purchased for $5.99 at "Elise" in Lahaina. Looks like something Rachel Zoe would have picked out. Love!
An olive colored 100% silk "Gucci" tank for $32 at Elise in Lahaina. Lord knows how much this thing retailed for?? Score!
An EBay find! "Christine Celle Calypso" for $25! This 100% shear silk shirt originally retailed for about $200! 
Dear Nicole Richie,
I absolutely LOVE your style and I die for your bohemian cardigans like no other however at $150-$450 a pop, I. Just. Can't.
Let the bidding began!
"Winter Kate", new with tags on EBay for $45. Mahalo!
Nothing pulls at my heart like "Joie". I'm completely obsessed with EVERYTHING this line pulls off! Totally island friendly and TOTALLY out of my budget these days. Thank you once again EBay!
"Saunders" 100% silk tank by "Joie" for $56. Retail: $158
Cherry red, "Joie" on ebay for $41
100% silk in "blush" ( "Kennedy" style ) on EBay for $42
"Ella Moss", one of my favorite "comfy" brands...Check out the gold detail on my Ebay skirt for $15. Retail: $100
I wear this silky "no lable" Mandrin top as a jacket with a satin tank. I love the bright reds and fun buttons! $8 at "Rainbow Attic" in Kihei.
I can't get over how REAL this faux diamond necklace looks! I purchased it for $7.99 at "Elise" in Lahaina. I pair it with my "real" diamond "Charriol" earrings and my real diamond "Corum Sugar Cube" or my diamond "Breitling B-Class" watch. I found that this is the best trick when it comes to faux gems....pair it with the real stuff and nobody will ever question it.
And last but not least, the crochet cover up from" North Shore Consigment" in Paia. This is perfect over my new "Indah" gold colored bikini or nude slip. I love wearing this with all my gold shell, "Hula Hoop" jewelry from "Imrie", "Nuage Bleu", and "Hale Zen".

Awe, that was fun! I want to go shopping now!!
But I won't....I'm going to make some "Vietmamese Burritos" instead! Me hungry!