Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's in my Refrigerator/Freezer

We love our little place across the street from the ocean but if we ever decided to move it will be because of our refrigerator. sucks that bad.
The problem is the size and unfortunately not much can be done about that. Our small kitchen barely allows for the small size of our currant fridge and freezer. The reason this drives me nuts is because I LOVE to freeze stuff! Especially things like bananas, lilikoi and mangoes for certain times of the year we can acquire tons of them for free! Also, we tend to loose a lot of our veggies when our fridge gets over packed. No matter what temperature I have the thing set on sometimes my $6 romaine will freeze due to improper air circulation. I can't even tell you how crazy this makes me!
Anyway...moving on. Here are some staples...
( crisper )
( apples go in the fridge, pears go on the counter )
kale ( tons of kale!!)
( if you put onions in the fridge it really cut back on making your eyes water when cutting them! )
Main Shelves
lots of organic eggs ( for Carlos )
( goat, pecorino and sometimes blue and feta. These are for Carlos's daily work salads)
miso paste
kalamata olives
raw agave
grade B maple syrup
corn tortillas
chia seeds
Medjool dates
coconut water
almond milk
sometimes some boxed organic soups
beer ( Carlos )
wine ( me )
Condiment Door
hot sauce
organic ketchup
organic sesame oil
organic shoyu
organic Dijon mustard
sushi vinegar
rice wine vinegar
( you can store these vinegars in the the pantry but I like them cold )
vanilla paste
lots of fresh ginger
My tiny Freezer!
medical ice pack ( we use this a lot....)
wonton wrappers
almond meal from Trader Joes
 ( I bought all my Trader Joes stuff in Arizona...we unfortunately don't have them out here )
frozen herbs and veggies 
( right now I have sage, Thai dragon chilies from our plant, organic peas and sliced celery )
frozen leftovers
( right now I have tomato paste, coconut milk in ice cube tray portions and chipotle chilies in adobo )
lots of frozen bananas
mangoes ( from last season )
lilikoi ( from last season )
Safeway Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli ( for Carlos )

On the counter or in baskets at room temp....
I usually have,
sweet potato and yams ( usually I have Okinawan and Molokai )
kabocha squash
ripening bananas that I usually end up freezing....
occasional "Maui Gold" pineapples
a mason jar of fresh cut basil in water

Well, there you go! I hope this helps....I didn't clean up the fridge for the pics either because I wanted you to get a real idea of  what a typical assortment is for us. Like I said before, if I had a bigger fridge/freezer I would store many more greens and frozen veggies/fruits. Because of the currant small size I have to make several trips a week to our near by health food store which I think has contributed to higher grocery bills in the past.
I recently discovered "Debbie Meyer" Green Bags which are awesome. They extend the life of your fruits and veggies and are reuseable.
See you soon!


  1. I definitely do not envy your fridge size! Seems like you make good use of it though.

    I always keep my onions in the fridge but they still make my eyes water a lot :( I've tried all the tricks!

  2. We also have a tiny fridge in a teeny kitchen. I found it forces me to be super a efficient shopper because we don't have room for anything extra. Sometimes I still end up with partially frozen celery, though. So annoying. I sympathize with you and your frozen romaine!