Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turning 35

I officially entered a whole new age bracket this weekend....
In fact, I've even heard some people refer to 35 as the start of "middle age".
So to celebrate... I took my birthday gift money and drove to Paia and bought myself my first sub 6'0" shortboard ( a 5'8" JS from Australia ). For those of you that don't surf I'll explain....
It was wayyyy cheaper than going out and buying a Porsche to cheer me up.
So here's to more sunblock and lots of microdermabrasion.
See you in the line up grommits!


  1. girl you are awesome and 35 is just the beginning for you! you look amazing !

  2. Happy Birthday! Totally agree with Every Little Thing, you look amazing!

  3. Happy b-day girl! It has been such a pleasure reading your blog and I'm right there with ya. I see lots of sunscreen and microderm in my future. (In fact I'm going next week).

  4. Happy Birthday! Love your blog!