Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's in my pantry??

I get asked this often....
I think having a well stocked pantry is absolutely key for any "whole food, clean eating" chef. Good quality spices, oils, and dry food staples will bring your beautiful fresh seasonal fruits and veggies to a whole other level!
If you are in need of a pantry overhaul I suggest doing this....
Clean the thing out!!!
1. Start by checking the expiration dates. Back in the day when I cleaned out Carlos's pantry ( before we moved in together )  I found things that expired 5 years earlier ( wtf really?? )...Gross.
2. Toss anything that contains ingredients like corn syrup, bleached white flour, or trans-fats.
3. Take stock of your "snacks"....Ya know things like cookies, chips, crackers, etc. I'm not saying that all of that stuff is bad I'm just saying think about it.... The more I talk to people about snacking the more I believe this stuff crushes peoples good intentions. Wanna snack? How about some celery and almond butter? Strawberries dipped in Greek yogurt and local honey?  Maybe some cracked green olives heated up with some rosemary and citrus zest?? I don't know...get creative.
Just so you know...we rarely have any of the typical "snack" foods in our house except for a very occasional box of Wheat-Thins ( my bad ) or Ak-Mak crackers. When I cut out the "snack food" in the house Carlos lost 25 lbs....Just saying.

Once you have figured out what you have that can stay and what you no longer need it's time to stock up!
I have a little bit of an obsession with clear Mason Jars ( or recycled almond butter, salsa, olive jars ) I love how they look in my pantry and how they show off all our pretty grains, lentils, nuts and dried fruit! I love shopping in the "bulk section" now at a health food store just so I can fill my jars...Oh and by the way....buying spices in the bulk section is sooooooo much cheaper it's ridiculous!

Here's my typical Mason Jar bulk staples.....
wild rice mix
jasmine rice
sushi rice ( short grain )
split peas
yellow lentils
red lentils
unsweetened coconut flakes
red quinoa
white quinoa
rolled oats
Israeli couscous
pumpkin seeds
raw cashews ( for soaking to make raw nut cheeses and spreads )
black and white sesame seeds
brown and golden flax seeds
golden raisins
dried cranberries
dried de arbol chilies

Other Staples
canned black beans
canned chick peas
canned organic tomatoes
organic almond butter
coconut milk ( full fat baby! )
vegetarian refried beans
canned organic hearts of palm ( a must for Carlos )
canned organic pumpkin puree
canned chipotle peppers in adobo
canned organic tomato sauce
nori sheets
Vietnamese rice paper sheets
an assortment of organic pastas
boxes of almond milk

The SPICE cabinet!
FYI - I'm a artisan salt and vinegar junkie so obviously a lot of my staples are not necessary (but they're fun!)
( organic when available )
brown rice
balsamic syrup
raw apple cider
white wine
rice wine
red wine
( organic when available )
macadamia nut
olive oil
Meyer lemon olive oil ( a must!)
coconut oil
coconut butter
organic sunflower cooking spray
( organic when available )
These vary but I use a TON of cumin, coriander, curry, cayenne, whole nutmeg, cinnamon, and several other hot chilies.
Australian Murray River Valley ( light pink favorite! )
Cyprus Flake
Big Island black salt
Red salt ( Alaea from Maui )
Maldon ( love...)
Sel de Fleur
Sanchel sea salt ( used in Indian cooking )
vanilla extract ( organic )
vanilla paste ( love love love!!! )
baking powder
baking soda
organic unbleached white and whole wheat flour
 ( mostly the Navitas Naturals brand that I purchase on )
raw cacao nibs
raw cacao powder
lacuma powder
stevia powder ( green....not white )
mesquite powder
lecithin granules
Random "Must Haves"
vegan veggie bouillon
Nativas Natural's raw cacao butter ( to make yummy raw chocolate treats! )
matcha powder ( tea )
wasabi powder
large assortment of herbal and green teas
raw local Hawaiian honey
recycled plastic forks, spoons, knives, and straws

Awe...that was fun. Fridge and freezer coming soon...

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  1. Fun! I need to start saving glass jars. I love our OXO airtight containers. I bought like 8 and filled them all instantly!

    I love all your salts, vinegars, and oils. I've started making a list of things I need to pick up to stock the pantry with plans to get one a week. I think coconut oil is next.